A note from a hardly ever updater

July 26, 2007

Hello. I've been really neglecting my website lately... no new images... no news. Nothing. I've been drawing my book "The Unsinkable Walker Bean" (which I think is going well, but we'll see...) and working on some random other projects. I recently finished illustrating the first book in a series written by Gerald Morris that will be published soon by my Houghton Mifflin, and I just finished three monster illustrations for nickelodeon magazine. I just put them up in my gallery section if you want to check them out.

I also just got back from White River Junction teaching with Robyn Chapman and Alec Longstreth at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Alec and I traveled up there last year, and were invited back to teach the summer workshop. It was pretty amazing and a breath of fresh air compaired to Bushwick. For a very detailed description of what we did look at Alec's Blog. I guess that's it from me. I will try yo do this weekly, it's just hard because I feel like drawing takes up my brain energy. Although I did just finish the Deathly Hallows... and that took up a day and a half of brain energy.
I am sort of tired as I write this, so for those of you who check my site regularly (crickets chirping) I hope to at least get SOMETHING up weekly. Really I'm goin gto try harder. Ideas are already flowing. Have a good night or day, dear reader.

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