Sir Lancelot from sketch to final

August 03, 2007

Just a quick post to all you crickets out there. I thought some people might find it interesting to see the evolution of an idea... albeit a very simple idea. This is the first cover idea I quickly jotted out in my sketchbook. I wanted to show how for no reason other than it was Sir Lancelot, did he have the recreant knights on the run. Then when I realized the image was boring... but on the right track, I thought it would be cool if he was careening over the knights' sheilds... that the would be so afraid of him that they became a small hill for him to conquer. So I scribbled this. After I got it approved by the art director, I basically coppied it verbatim here. The final image was drawn on bristol inked by the brush pen I raved about in the last post. I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

strawberry image apple image pear image carrot image corn image eggplant image mushroom image tomato image radish image potato image strawberry image apple image pear image