September 01, 2007

Hey Crickets,

Today is my birthday, and I've recieved some cards in the mail from family and friends... but the really telling card was from my Grandma Renier. In the card there was a self addressed stamped envelope and a piece of paper (shown below) that she even started for me. 

The frustrating thing about this letter is not only did she date it three days in the past, but that she has done this before... and I never filled it out and sent it to her. Maybe there are others out there, that feel I'm horrible at getting back to them. I'm sure there are, but my Grandma who is lively, sarcastic, and self reliant at the age of 90 should at least not need to beg me to write her. So, today I accepted the guilt trip and wrote her back.

In other news my book has been on the back burner for way too long, and just keeps meeting more and more hurdles that have nothing to do with the story. I want to eventually become a full time cartoonist... and I'm so close it hurts. I hope people will find the books I'm illustrating in the mean time, and I hope everyone will accept my appologies for the great distance between my first and second book. Hopefully after the printing of the first UnsinkableWalker Bean, I will come out with books more frequently.

The summer has been really nice in New York, really mild. I'm not in denial that the warmest winter and the coldest summer during my life were this year, all I'm saying is, I'm appreciating what I get, when I get it. While it lasts. Wow. Can I bring the mood down any lower?

How about, if you've read this TODAY, and you live in NY, you should come and sing and dance with my friends and I at 2nd on 2nd Karaoke Bar. We'll be there after 9 and there will be (hopefully) a lot of really nice people there. Maybe I'll see you. I'm the really old one singing Sinatra and coughing a lot.

Thanks for reading.


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