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November 05, 2007

Hello, Sorry for my writing drought. I'm currently trying to finish the second book for Gerald Morris' Knights' Tales Series, and a picture find for National Geographic Kids. Both are going pretty well I think, I feel like I'm getting better at drawing. I wish I could say the same for my big project Walker Bean. I've been having some problems outside of myself on the project, that I can't discuss... but at this rate my book isn't going to come out at least until 2009. I wish when it came out the work we be an obviously huge undertaking, but I think it'll be about the same size as Spiral Bound. We'll see.

On a happier note Halloween was really a fun week. I went to a party at Jason Little & Myla Goldberg's in Brooklyn. I attended with my homemade Snipper Sniper costume, from one of my favorite comics of all time, Mourning Star by Kazimir Strzepek

I had to explain myself to many people who I was, but I think I peaked some interest. I also feel like I possibly helped start a cartoonist trend... dressing up as each other's characters. One of my favorite people and favorite artists, Laura Park, decided to dress as the sandwich portrait on the second page of my book Spiral-Bound. 

Obviously, I was really really flattered.

I also want to show everybody Craig's Pee Wee Herman costume, and the two Pee Wees he was hanging out with... here. If I was in Portland I would have tried tagging along as Amazing Larry.

Let's see... what else? Well, I couldn't possibly not  mention the Green Bay Packers. 7-1? I know. I know. Pretty amazing. Crazy amazing. My old school friend Pat Somerville, has an amazing Packer blog called the Fontenot... it's actually a great read. I know some of you think I'm kidding around, but Patrick is a great writer, really funny and interesting stuff.

Which brings us to a Packer related Youtube video recently uploaded by my cousin Michael. Which you can watchhere. I really encourage you to watch it all the way through. I believe it's from 1990. In the video one of my favorite athletes of all time, Chuck Cecil, picks my drawing I sent in depicting quarterback Don Majkowski getting sacked, and horribly injured by Freddie Joe Nunn. My cousin Michael suggested as a joke that I should draw it and send it in. I was shocked to learn I was going to appear on the show for drawing something so mean. And if that is not enough, I decided to wear a rival team jersey onstage. I was 12 I think. If you listen to Don talk to us, you can hear in his mumbling that he's not into our sense of humor. Anyway, I personally think its hilarious. Also, check out my pants! Check out Michael's Zubas! Check out the hairdos in the crowd! Really, every second is priceless. PRICELESS.

I'm going to close this with a quick mention of a mini comic I did for SPX in Baltimore. I didn't make many but you can see it on my secret Flickr account. You can get to it by secret icon that appears at the bottom of the screen on my website. It's not always there, so click around and look for it. When, and if you find the comic, understand it's really just for adults. Swearing, nudity, and absurdity ensues.

Thanks for putting up with my lack of blogging. I always say I'm going to try doing it more, but, I am a liar. I hope everyone has a fantastic November.

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