Sir Lancelot now in stores!

April 27, 2008

So my first book project since Spiral-Bound is out in stores. You can order it here at amazon. It's part of a series of books called The Knights Tales by Gerald Morris. There is at least one more to follow that I have already finished. I hope it does well, because that means I can continue drawing and getting better at drawing knights, and horses and hopefully dragons. My dream is that more and more of these types of projects can happen, and people will seek out my other work, and then eventually I can just be doing my own books. I'm very glad to be a part of this series though. The author is also from Wisconsin, and for some reason, I feel like it's this that makes our work fit together.

Almost 90% of my friends are in Portland Oregon for Stumptown comic fest. My biggest regret is not being there for the unveiling of BFF by my good friend Nate Beaty. I wish I was there, but I'm also glad to be home drawing my book for First Second. I just need to focus on my hermitdom. Here is a panel from the book that I really like.

It's a junk shop called The Armed Junk & Thrift in a town called Spit Head. You can see a slightly bigger version here. The owner's name is Taro Tung, and the characters entering are Shiv, his dog Perrogi, and Walker Bean. Huddled in the corner is a shadowy character known as Dr. Patches. These are not the real colors it will be printed in... I will leave that to the amazing Alec Longstreth.

And on a quick note... speaking of amazing people in my life, Nicole Joanne Georges has a new book of Invincible Summer out for sale. I had the privilege of hanging out with her for the last couple days, running around the Natural History Museum, and eating chocolate with hints of sesame and leather. Anyway, check it out here.

I hope everybody is having a great spring! The weather in New York is perfect for staying inside and drinking coffee... which I am drinking out of my new novelty mug that I think is depressing and hilarious at the same time.

Hey fella--are you going to have these available for sale at your convention appearances this summer? I won't say which I'm PARTICULARLY interested in, but I will say that it's HeroesCon, where I'll be. I can buy it from Amazon just as easy, but wouldn't it be better in person?


no one draws epic knightly pileons like you! I'll keep my eye out!


You were very missed at Stumptown my friend. Next year!


aw, thanks for the plug! we missed you, even tho i was a travelling hermit and avoided festivities. (i'm sure i wouldn't have had you been in pdx, heh.)

can't wait for MoCCA!


oh, and i fixed the error that coughed up if you clicked "remember me" on the comment form, heh.


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