Peanut Butter MoCCA Fudge

June 02, 2008

So MoCCA Art Festival is this weekend... and I will try to get in and walk around and pretend I shouldn't be at home drawing. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody. Liz Prince and Nate Beaty will be crashing on my floor.

Craig recently put up a comic we started to do together... so I thought I should add a little bit to that. Here are some frames I like that he didn't post on his blog.

The reason it didn't work is that we are both working on our own projects... and what started out as a fun game, became a chore. I would love to do something with him when we live in the same city again. Somebody on his blog said our work goes together like peanut butter and chocolate... and that made me really happy. There was such a long time that I was so influenced by him, and compaired to him, that I feared I wouldn't continue on to find my own voice. I feel like I have, and when Walker Bean comes out other's will realize this as well... but I loved that I could still be complementary of him, since he is not only a very good friend, but one of my favorite artists.

On a last note, my comic book cover for Nickelodeon Magazine is out.... it's hidden inside the Indiana Jones issue... so if you get a chance take a look while you are grocery shopping.

I hope everyone is doing well! 


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