Green Bay Packers win Superbowl XLV!!!

February 07, 2011

Wow. I am typing this from Green Bay, after going to every big Green Bay bar and passing a Lambeau field with fireworks coming out every which way. I have given out so many high fives, and have been yelling at anyone and everyone. It is so amazing to be here. The last time we won, I was in Milwaukee... which was pretty fantastic too (After we won in 97 against the Patriots, I was at a bus stop with people streaking down the snowy roads, getting hugged by a tall toothless man, and somebody from Papa John's giving out free pizza) But being in Titletown tonight was the right place to be. I watched with my family, including my 94 year old Grandpa, and it was breath taking.

Congratulations to my team and to my hometown! World Champions!!! Aaron Rodgers MVP!!!

p.s. has anybody heard Lil' Wayne's "Green and Yellow?" I'm pretty into it... but it's Green and GOLD.

Congrats buddy. I watched the last hour last night at the bar in town (with Joe Lambert and David Libens). I was rooting for Green Bay on your behalf. When they won I was thinking, "Aaron must be FREAKING OUT right now." I'm glad I was right :)



So glad you came to GB! It was all a dream come true! That was all that was on my bucket list except now there is "Hug Aaron Rodgers" and I'm going to tackle that one next season.

Also, I love that Alec actually rooted for the Packers because I know he doesn't usually care about football.


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