The Center For Cartoon Studies diploma

May 16, 2011

I was given the opportunity to do the art for the CCS class of 2011's diploma this year. Every year the school asks an artist to do the art, and I was more than thrilled to do it. 

I have been thinking about UFOs a lot lately... mostly because of my favorite podcast Mysterious Universe. I also recently watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind (I had forgotten just how good it was) ... and obviously that's where I leapt from. It may be hard to see, but the mascot of CCS is the school's "founder" Inky Solomon. He's wearing a thought projection helmet, where he's seeing a four panel strip about the work of a cartoonist student. The aliens are reinterpreting it the only way they know how.

It was really fun to do, and I'm thrilled to have done such a document for all my friends there in Vermont. Such a great class. 

Congratulations 2011!

Your diploma made Claire and I watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind last night. Pretty epic stuff!


Very cool!


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