:01 First Second Books
My new publisher! Walker Bean is very happy to be in the children's division of the most prolific and enthusiastic comic book publishers. Hooray!
Alec Longstreth
good friend, cartoonist, cheerleader, comic advocate, typing advocate, and colorist.
Antoine Dodé
Antoine is one of the sweetest artists i have ever met. He is humble and brilliant. And as this site would suggest... a fantastic musician.
Austin English
Have strong opinions ever made you feel like you were being wrapped in a big cuddly blanket? Well then you need more Austin in your life. Amazing friend, writer, and cartoonist.
My old drawing group in NY. I love them.
Bed-Stuy CSA
The best way to get veggies if you happen to live in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. You do? Join!
Brian Bill
My instructor at MIAD! I haven't seen his work in a while and I was glad to find it here!
Bwana Spoons
Painter, editor, drawer mad scientist shop owner.
Carson Ellis
I was a fan of her, and then friend... she is awesome.
Craig Thompson
Jogging partner, travel partner, and life coach.
Damien Jay
One of the most amazing artists I know... really.
Daria Tessler
Master screenprinter and super unique visionary... coffee shop drawing partner.
Drew Weing
E-mail opponent and skillfull draftsman. I think you have the last point Weing.
Eleanor Davis
One of my favorite sites to snoop around. She'll blow your mind really... awesome.
Ezra Claytan Daniels
Writer, cartoonist, designer, rabble rouser.
Gabrielle Bell
Gabrielle is a natural artist. Being her friend, is just like being in her book. Hanging out with her is like I'm Sebastian in the Neverending Story.
Ida Pearle
The multi-talented collage artist, graphic designer, violinist. Am I leaving something out? I'm sure I am.
Jeff Shepherd
Builder of many things wood... and video artist.
Jen Corace
One of my favorite artists... and favorite people.
Jesus Ali
Cohort. pal, design and video artist.
Jim Medway
Cartoonist, teacher, future colaboration I hope... someday... someday.
Jon Lewis
From the depths of the swamp comes a man of science and mystery. An amazing drawer, extraordinary writer, and super sweet guy. I love me some Lewis.
Julia Wertz
Cheese eater, whiskey drinker, cartoonist, funny girl, fart partier...
Katie Renier
My sister is an amazing knitter. If everybody in the world wanted her to knit them a hat, I wouldn't at all be surprised.
Kazu Kibuishi
Master cartoonist, editor, Amulet creator.
Keith Negley
We went to MIAD together, and he was always top of the class... and it still shows.
Krissy Durden
The author of "Figure 8" and "Imaginary Life" zines. One of my favorite people of all time.
Laura Park
If she's not a household name at your house... get ready, cause she will be.
Lewis Trondheim
One of my favorite cartoonists ever. And my new french publisher.
Lisa Hanawalt
Lisa's work is so much fun to look at. Each drawing and painting is worth at least twenty serious investigations. She's so so good.
Liz Baillie
I went to school with Liz, and have drawn with her for kids. Her books are so amazing they'll make your brain hurt.
Liz Prince
Hanging out with Liz is just like reading her comic; hilarious and perfectly paced. I miss hanging out with Liz!
Loaded Blanks
Ezra C. Daniels and Heather Kortan are the masterminds behind this nice blank cards. I drew one... and so did a bunch of my friends.
Matthew Bernier
Crazy amazing cartoonist and crazy dresser, dancer. Watch out for Matthew.
Matthew Kirk
A shady character from my past that haunts me with joy.
Nate Beaty
He created this website with his own blood, sweat and beers. And he draws amazing comics.
Nicole Georges
Spinster, KJ, cartoonist, zinester, painter, dog mother.
Patrick Somerville
Middle school backyard football opponent, high school movie making collaborator, currently bigshot author.
Paul Amitai
Audiovisual mastermind, and good friend.
Ralph McGinnis
School friend, art director, cartoonist, illustrator, man-in-the-KNOW. Check out his awesome work!
Sara Varon
She draws the sweetest animals, robots and snowmen ever... plus she's really tough.
Sarah Glidden
Great autobiographical cartoonist and friend.
Sarah Oleksyk
Cartoonist, animator, mayhem leader, all around good time.
Scott Winklebleck
Mover, shaker, designer, 'puter expert... Mr. Charisma himself.
Shampooing - Editions Delcourt
My french publisher. Oui oui!
THE artist site as far as Im concerned. Art, collaboration, where I still post my art. Thank you Ed and Jon forever.
Souther Salazar
Collage drawer painter sculptor super amazing nice guy.
Stampin' Jen
My cousin who makes beautiful cards with stamps. Almost any occasion! Or maybe all occasions if you write her!
The Collection Agency
My roommate Paul does work for this non-profit think tank, and center for ethnographic research.
Tom K.
One of the most intelligent cartoonists around. So good. Look for him in MOME.
Top Shelf Productions
Publisher of "Spiral-Bound", my first graphic novel.
Trubble Club
My drawing group in Chicago IL.
Truen Kirk
Funny girl who makes funny postcards.
Tugboat Press
I love Tugboat Press like a brother.
Vanessa Davis
Amazing drawer, funny dancer girl, and my mirror mirror on the wall. I heart 'nessa.
Imagination Cubed
One of my favorite things to do online with friends in distant lands.
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