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January 16, 2008

Hello. I know. I know. I never update my site, and I never blog. I really wanted to write this entry earlier, but the picture I wanted to include was lost in the mail until a few days ago. So... here we go...

I traveled back to Wisconsin for Christmas and was able to see a lot of really great people. I mostly hung out in Green Bay with my family. Making pies, watching football (we'll get more into that in a bit!) and drawing comics in my mother's craft room. So much snow (The view above is from my bedroom window in Green Bay)

I took the train down to Chicago to visit my friends Ezra and Laura. I've spent a lot of time there before, but this time was really different. I've lived in climates for the last 8 years that really don't lend themselves well to sticking snow, and Chicago made me feel really good. We walked everywhere, drank, did last minute Christmas shopping, and drew a whole lot. I posted two drawings I did with Laura in my sketchbook section.

She's really amazing. I was able to look through her mountains of work, and I really don't think anyone knows what is coming with Ms. Park. I declare her the CLOVERFIELD of comics. In so many ways. I can't wait to draw with her again.

I was back in Brooklyn for New Years, and spent it with some very good friends. It was a lot of fun. And speaking of really good friends, one of my best friends, Lauren was recently named a "Young Person Who Rocks" by CNN. She's doing really great work in Bed-Stuy, and is one of the most active and caring people I know. The woman interviewing her is annoying and close minded, but if you can get past that, it's pretty awesome. You can see that here. Congratulations to her.

Like I said earlier, I watched a lot of football in Wisconsin, and.. I've been watching a lot since I've been back. I will not bore you with the details... but the Packer vs. Seahawks game was beautiful. The first two minutes?  A nightmare. But then the snow came down and running back Ryan Grant rose from the grave and it was AWESOME. If you care to see what I'm talking about go here. And also a little thank you to the New York Giants. I feel bad we are going to have to wipe your faces in the frozen tundra. Sincerely.

I think there was a bunch more that I wanted to talk about, but hopefully that'll give me an excuse to update sooner. Who knows? Me? Of course not! I hope everybody is have really amazing 2008!

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