The Unsinkable Walker Bean

March 16, 2010


So I think it's safe for me to say 2009 wasn't a great year blogging for me since... I didn't, but... I did do many other things. Probably the most notable thing to my friends and family is that I moved from Brooklyn NY, to Chicago IL. I moved for many reasons, but the biggest reason was just that I missed the midwest. Now I miss Brooklyn... go figure. But I also miss my old home Portland as well. But Chicago right now in my life is pretty perfect.

The other biggest bit of news for me, and possibly equal, or maybe greater than my move, is the completion of The Unsinkable Walker Bean. It was a very rocky road coming to this point, and I'm just so happy it exists. Well, it won't be in stores until August, but you can pre-order it here. I hope everyone who liked Spiral-Bound sees this as a step in the right direction. I really felt that I grew while writing and working on Walker, and I'm so happy First Second is publishing it in their children's division. Everyone there cares so much about what they do, and who they work with.

So obviously when you look at any of the images from Walker Bean, you'll notice a very deep rich color palette. Alec Longstreth, my dear friend, my colorist, is a color genius. We picked out the colors together, but what he did with them is something I could have never done without him, even if I had infinite time on my side. I was very blessed to have him help me with my book. The story of how that came to be is very interesting as well, but I'll write about that another time.

Here are some images from the book, supplied to me by my great friend Nate Beaty. Click on any of the images, including the cover for a larger view.

My hands look wrinkly.

This is my back yard. Look at all that amazing cement.

The amazing Laura Park is my downstairs neighbor. So this cement is also hers.

I really can't wait to have people reading Walker Bean.

I have a better feeling about my blog in the year 2010. I noticed I wrote about 6 times the years before 2009... so I will try to write more than that this year.

The weather is so nice in Chicago today. I think I'll go hole up in a cafe somewhere and draw in the dark.

One quick note to people reading. I have a piece of artwork in the Covered show at Secret Headquarters. If you like Star Wars and you have some money to spend, buy my Ewok #1 painting. And check out the rest of the show here... and in case you haven't seen Rob Goodin's blog this is all inspired by, look at it here.

And one quick subliminal request. Or not so subliminal since I'm typing it to you. If you've read or flipped through An Anaconda Ate My Homework... could you say something about it, or star it on Amazon? It just makes me a little sad that book has gone seemingly unnoticed.



I hope everyone is doing really well. More soon.


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